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Presentation: A Brief History of US Secret Service Cyber Investigations and Current Trends

Abstract: Hearing US Secret Service usually conjures up images of agents with dark suits, dark sunglasses, an earpiece, and talking into their palm while standing next to the President of the United States. The US Secret Service is more than that. The agency has a dual mission- Protection and Investigations. The US Secret Service investigates crimes against the US financial system which are increasingly conducted through cyberspace. In this presentation, SSA Chapman will explain a brief history of the US Secret Service, what the US Secret Service does regarding cyber investigations, and the current trends being reported.

Speaker: Jason Chapman, Senior Special Agent (“SSA”)


Senior Special Agent (“SSA”) Jason Chapman began his career in law enforcement in 1994 as a Cadet with the Indiana University Police Department (“IUPD”) in Bloomington, IN. In the summer of 1995, SSA Chapman became a full-time Police Officer for the IUPD. Chapman graduated from Indiana University in 1995 with a degree in Criminal Justice, with minors in Psychology and Sociology and a business certificate from the IU School of Business.

In 1996, Chapman transferred to the Beech Grove, IN Police Department, where he was a field training officer and member of the SWAT team and bicycle patrol. In 1999, Chapman accepted a commission as a Special Agent in the US Secret Service in Boston.

Chapman has held subsequent positions in the Chicago Field Office and Indianapolis Field Office where he has investigated a wide range of financial and white-collar crimes. Chapman is a certified computer forensics examiner as well as a trained network intrusion investigator. Chapman has testified in federal court as an expert witness in both computer forensics and credit card fraud.

Chapman completed his permanent protection assignment on the George HW Bush Protective Detail (“BPD”) in Houston, TX and Kennebunkport, ME. As part of his duties at BPD, Chapman completed the US Secret Service Rescue Swimmer Course, eventually serving as the Lead Rescue Swimmer on BPD.

In 2016, Chapman was assigned to the US Embassy in London as an Assistant Attaché. While in London, he was one of three principle liaison officers with an area of responsibility that included the UK, Ireland, Greenland, Iceland, Denmark, Norway, Sweden and Finland.

SSA Chapman transferred back to the Indianapolis Field Office in July of 2020 where he continues to do financial/cyber investigations, computer forensics, and protective advances.

SSA Chapman holds a Certified Information System Security Professional (“CISSP “) certification along with certifications as a GIAC Certified Forensic Examiner and Certified Forensic Analyst.



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