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Speaker: John Bloomer, CISSP Director of Engineering, North Central Region, Office of the CTO

Presentation: Down the Rabbit Hole – A Tour into the Dark Web  


“Life is like an onion…” this is a quote by the famous American poet and three times Pulitzer winner, Carl Sandburg.

By the time Sandburg wrote these lyrics in the 19th century, he could have never imagined how close to reality those words would become in the 21st century and specifically in the context of the Dark Web.

Frequently, Alice in Wonderland is used as the main analogy to the Dark Web, but just like in the book, no one tells us how this magical world was made and what the motive for its creation was.

If one wants to become wise on a matter and have a solid opinion on a subject, one needs to learn its historical events and evolution.

In our journey through this session, we take you through the evolution, goals and motivation of the Dark Web. I will share with you what and whom you can find on the platforms as well as the major conflicts individuals face while exploring this web.

The session also exposes you to the syndicates and structures running on the platforms. Surprisingly we see how those groups were among the first to embrace and implement Blockchain technology and created a major global demand for crypto currencies.

This is the time to listen, learn and be exposed to the deepest secrets of the Dark Web.

Speaker Bio: 

With over 20 years in IT with a focus on security for the bulk of that time, John Bloomer has served in roles from administration and operations to CISO. Having contributed to innovative projects for the United States Navy, Sprint PCS, and healthcare compliance Mr.
Bloomer brings a breadth of experience to the conversation. From technical details to executive concerns, Mr. Bloomer has a breadth of exposure to share and help discuss the challenges and concerns that are facing the community.