Next Meeting Thursday, June 10th, 2021 from 6:00 PM to 8:00 PM (Eastern)

The CI-ISSA chapter meetings will go on as planned this month. Registered attendees will receive Zoom meeting details the day of the event. Going Remote!

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Speaker: Brian Quick, Advisory CISO at Trace3

Presentation: Keep ’em Separated – How micro-segmentation can support your zero-trust journey and keep you from getting owned.


2020 was an unprecedented year for ransomware and state sponsored supply chain attacks. After gaining an initial foothold within an organization, threat actors typically seek to accomplish lateral movement within an internal network to elevate access, exfiltrate data or deploy additional malicious code.

A thoughtful micro-segmentation strategy allows organizations to create multiple security zones, establish granular security and access control policies, and isolate specific workloads. This reduces the company attack surface and keeps hackers or malicious insiders from accessing sensitive systems and data.

Speaker Bio: 

Brian is a seasoned IT executive with 25 years of experience leading cybersecurity and IT operations groups. He has deep personal experience in the Healthcare, Online Services and Education sectors. Significant career accomplishments include leading cybersecurity threat management and data protection functions at a Fortune 50 health insurer, building a comprehensive cybersecurity and fraud prevention program at large online company and leading IT and security functions for one of the largest academic medical systems in the US.

Brian currently works at Trace3, an industry-leading firm within the systems integration and value-added reseller space, where he advises clients on developing successful cybersecurity and IT operations programs.

Brian holds a Bachelor of Science degree from Indiana University and an MBA from Butler University. He is a native Hoosier and currently resides in Noblesville, Indiana where he enjoys activities like kayaking, hiking, and spending time with his wife and three sons.